Submission Guidelines

Deadline for 1st anthology: 30th June

Next submission period: 20th July - 20th August

Copyright Notice

Any individual pieces submitted to Ta Voix remain the sole property of the contributor. However, in submitting your work to Ta Voix, you consent to its non-exclusive publication. This means that we have the right to publish it, though you may still have it published elsewhere. We will relinquish any work at the writer’s request, so please get in touch if you want your piece removed.


Please do not submit a piece where there may be a pre-existing copyright infringement. Instances where there may be an infringement include:

  • Submitting university/school coursework that has not yet been marked.

  • Submitting a piece where you have handed over the rights, such as having it exclusively published. Check your contracts/agreements with other companies before submitting.

  • Submitting a piece where you never solely owned the copyright, for example, collaborative, derivative or stolen work. Please, don’t submit stolen work – not cool. 

We ask that you take into account that we are a UK-based publisher. We would like to offer support to all aspiring creatives, and will offer feedback where we can. However, our anthology will be published in British English, and all works will be edited to UK English standards.


To any non-UK English speakers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want to give everyone the opportunity to receive feedback on their pieces, and will find out what works best for each individual.

Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

  • You may submit up to two pieces per submission period.

  • Please do not exceed 2,500 words for a single piece.

  • This may be an extract from a larger manuscript, a short story,
    a prose-poem, part of a memoir, a creative, true story.


  • You may submit up to four pieces of poetry.

  • We generally ask that each submission is under 65 lines, and this including paragraph spacing.

  • Longer pieces will be considered on a case-by-case basis – just get in touch with your anticipated length!

Scripts and Screenplays

  • You may submit one script per submission period.

  • The submission should be under 15 minutes, where
    1 page ≈ 1 minute.

  • We ask that the script ascribes to the industry standard,
    which is
    12 pt. in the font Courier.

  • Please be careful with adaptations, as they may be copyright infringements.

© Jan 2020 by Ta Voix. 

Photography by Benjamin S. P. Davis.

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