Getting into the publishing industry can feel like a pipe dream. Entry level roles ask for a minimum of two years in industry, yet internships favour those with experience already. It can seem like an endless cycle which leaves you wondering where do I get my experience?


We’d like to give you the chance. You don't have to have loved publishing your entire life. You don't have to have lived and breathed editing. You don’t even have to have done it before. Sure, editing is all about the minute details and the grammatical perfection, but everyone knows practice makes perfect.


We want you to help put together our bimonthly publication! From reviewing and reporting on manuscripts, to copy and line-editing the pieces that have been selected to go to "print". Don't worry, there will always be a second pair of eyes, so there's no need to be perfect, and you will never have to liaise directly with the writers (if confrontation or criticism isn't your thing). It'll be totally anonymous, up until the point where your name appears under the list of editors.


If this is something that interests you, please fill in the form below with your email and your name. 

Confused as to how this will work? Click here for more info.

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